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In the realm of love and forever promises, proposals hold a sacred space in our hearts as experienced planners. We are overjoyed to embark on a journey with you, crafting an extraordinary and unparalleled proposal experience. We yearn to bring your once-in-a-lifetime moment to life, surpassing all expectations. With our creative prowess and attention to detail, we aim to fashion a symphony of emotions, where simplicity intertwines with elegance, and laughter dances harmoniously with romance. Together, let us weave a tapestry of memories, painting the canvas of your love story with strokes of sheer enchantment and unforgettable magic.

Exclusive Proposal Add Ons

Camera on a tripod
Ring Closeup

Kristin Anderson

"I can't believe I'm engaged. My proposal was absolutely brilliant. I had no idea he was going to get down on one knee but I knew something amazing was happening because  everything around me was magical. Thank you to Kelly who made sure to make this experience priceless."

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